People Counter


People Counter with 3D MLI Sensor

The People Counter determines the number of people within a specific area and detects their direction of movement. Thanks to the 3D MLI SensorTM technology and its unique tracking and segmentation ability, the People Counter is suitable for high-accuracy people counting and occupancy monitoring

People counting applications:

  • People counting and flow detection in public buildings

  • High-throughput people counting at access-controlled entrances

  • Wrong-way detection at arrival gates in airports or at turnstiles in public buildings

  • Occupancy monitoring to determine the min. or max. amount of persons in e.g. surveillance rooms or laboratories

  • Occupancy monitoring to support evacuation measures in case of emergencies

  • Occupancy monitoring for energy-saving measures such as air conditioning control and demand-controlled ventilation (DCV)

  • Queue management and waiting time determination in airports or retail environments

  • Surveillance of people loitering at entrances

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