Parking Guidance System


Car Park System

The Car park system is a complete solution for guiding the drivers directly to the free parking bays. Displays with green arrows and digits are indicating which direction to drive and showing how many parking bays are available in this area. If the area is fully occupied, the display shows red crosses. It is a system of high precision, because each parking bay has an ultrasonic sensor that detects and indicates occupancy. The sensors and displays are linked together via data cable.

Benefits and Contributions of the Car Park Guidance System

  • Provides car park information e.g. availability of vacant lots, before driver enters the car park
  • Prevents congestion at car park entrance due to lack of car park information
  • Regulates the flow of traffic inside the car park by directing drivers to vacant lots
  • Reduces the frustration of drivers looking for vacant lots by directing them to vacant lots
  • Greater control of parking space by Car Park Management
  • Cleaner environment i.e. less exhaust emission.
  • Speedier through put time thus parking revenue increase
  • Provide a good image of the building and its facilities
  • Assets Value Enhancement